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It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; diversity is important. However, I’d like to focus on the importance of diversity in the construction industry, since that’s the area I’ve had extensive experience working in throughout my career. One of the most obvious lacks of diversity in construction is the lack of female employees even though there are lots of benefits to having women work in construction. I’ve been fortunate and found work in the construction industry, but there are not many other women working in construction when compared to the amount of men, though the number is increasing. I’d like to share a few facts about the importance of diversity in construction and hopefully motivate more women to go into the industry and encourage more companies to hire women. However, diversity in construction should not be focused exclusively on finding more women; all kinds of diversity is important.

Better communication

One of the best benefits of having considerable diversity in construction is that it leads to better communication. Different kinds of people have a variety of communication styles, so greater diversity leads to more effective types of communication. People from various backgrounds possessing varying life experiences have unique ways of communicating, which means more diversity makes communication easier and more effective.

Easier to meet public needs

In addition to diverse ways of communicating, the public itself is incredibly diverse. Due to such a diverse population, there is a wide array in construction of what types of projects are being created, especially as more women and people of color start opening their own businesses. In order to meet the needs of the general population, it’s important to have people who understand the needs to various members of society and incorporate those needs into construction projects. Having many viewpoints when planning and building construction projects make it easier to meet the needs and desires of the public.

Workers are diverse

While there isn’t much diversity in the higher levels of construction, there’s much more diversity at the level of the typical worker in construction. Because of this diversity, it’s important that those holding management positions reflect the diversity of the workers who are doing a lot of the manual labor. A great way to work toward finding a solution to this issue is offering opportunities for regular laborers to learn the skills necessary to move into leadership positions. That way, the industry benefits from people who already have considerable experience in the industry and understand how best to meet the needs of their employees.

Improved problem solving

In addition to better communication, diversity amongst those who work in construction leads to improved problem solving. In any industry, diversity leads to diversity of thought and makes problem-solving easier and more effective. Diversity also makes developing new ideas easier, thanks to the variety of viewpoints and experiences of the people giving their input.