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Jill Charpia

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About Jill Charpia

Communication is the heart of every success in terms of projects and goals as well as nearly every human activity. Similar to this viewpoint, Jill Charpia is a professional who understands the importance of teamwork established from a let’s-work-together environment combined with trust and appreciation. In addition, the team must understand the desired outcome of the project and discuss each detail to make best decisions to ensure its success. With that said, Jill believes that an inclusive team atmosphere is the best approach to produce program strategies maximizing operational and individual effectiveness. Throughout her career serving in the military and civilian settings, Jill has earned a reputation as both a leader and team player who is willing to get things done without delays, while ensuring outstanding project performance and commitment from each individual.

Jill’s work history in the field of construction and project management started in the United States Air Force as officer-in-charge where she spearheaded an engineering program worth $30 million. Afterwards, she served as lead acquisition analyst at CACI where she created a contract closeout team who received the Center of Excellence Award for implementing best practices. In 2008, Jill founded the Sourcing Specialists LLC and JCI Consulting LLC as startup companies located in Iraq. At this time, she was solely responsible for preparing proposals, managing contracts, and leading procurement and planning processes as key architect. In 2012, Jill prepared and submitted more than $350 million worth of proposals for both small and large construction and security companies.

As a professional who values team collaboration and quality delivery of projects, Jill played an instrumental role in designing and innovating effective acquisition solutions in partnership with senior leadership and contractor representatives while working as prime contracts manager at Fluor in Afghanistan. To speak more of Jill’s accomplishments in the field, she was the sole driver behind the team initiative of maintaining the capabilities of security systems for government use by identifying requirements and highlighting the potential impacts of power loss. After the process, the team coordinated with the client to remove and replace a failing system in two days. Consequently, the team received a joint task force letter of accommodation for ensuring safety measures as well as generating millions of dollars for the company.

As of present, Jill is the directing manager at Global Contract Consulting in Colorado. In this position, she is in charge of implementing global project delivery methodologies and compliance practices to support client-facing and large initiatives. In addition, Jill is efficient at helping clients to understand the content of complex projects while offering assistance in solving issues on in-house resources. Having all these said; Jill’s nature of being tenacious, hardworking, and reliable as well as to go the extra mile has strengthened her character and work ethic.

On her education, Jill graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management at the University of West Florida. Afterwards, she continued in achieving greater success by completing her MBA at the University of Phoenix. Currently, Jill is currently taking her Doctor of Philosophy in International Business at Northcentral University. She resides in Castle Rock, Colorado.